our services & capabilities



We provide a range of Power Distribution and Protection & Control design services, including:

  • Network modelling and fault analysis;
  • Power distribution network protection scheme design;
  • Relay protection setting calculations;
  • IED Programmable Scheme Logic design;
  • IEC 61850 substation automation design;
  • Protection transformer sizing and specification;
  • Protection & Control and SCADA interface design;
  • Substation earthing system analysis, modelling and detailed design;
  • Substation LV and domestic services design.



Our installation capabilities extend to all aspects of electrical and mechanical installation of power distribution equipment, including:

  • Jointing and termination of LV/MV/HV cables;
  • Electromechanical installation of Air Insulated and Gas Insulated Switchgear;
  • Protection & Control wiring;
  • Switchgear and protection panel modifications;
  • Substation earthing system;
  • Building and domestic services to BS 7671 wiring regulations standards;

Testing & Commissioning


Our testing & commissioning engineers are experienced in performing commissioning tests to IEC and BS EN standards, including:

  • Power frequency and voltage withstand testing;
  • Protection transformer analysis;
  • Protection relay primary and secondary injection testing;
  • IEC 61850 substation automation testing;
  • Substation earthing system testing.



In addition to offering engineering services to the power distribution and industrial sectors our capabilities extend to the rail sector, where we are able to offer specialist Traction Power Distribution design, installation and testing & commissioning services.


We are able to produce Form A outline and Form B detailed designs meeting the particular requirements for protection of traction power distribution networks, including:

  • Distance protection settings for classic and auto-transformer 25kV overhead line networks;
  • Impedance protection settings for DC conductor rail networks;
  • Transformer / Rectifier Unit protection schemes, including interface with AC and DC switchgear;
  • IEC 61850 Accelerated Distance Protection schemes, including Configured IED Description (CID) files and Substation Configuration Description (SCD) files;
  • Electrical sectioning diagrams for overhead line and DC conductor rail networks.

Testing & Commissioning and Entry into Service

Our specialist traction power testing & commissioning engineers have extensive experience of commissioning into service new traction power distribution infrastructure, including:

  • Testing & commissioning of AC & DC switchgear and associated transformer & rectifier equipment;
  • Cross-boundary commissioning of new National Grid bulk supply points including on-network short-circuit testing;
  • Section proving of overhead line and DC conductor rail networks;
  • IEC 61850 substation automation testing including proving of Accelerated Distance Protection schemes;
  • Performing System Test Manager & CRE duties for entry into service of new railway electrification schemes.

HV & DC Switching and Isolation Services

We have a team of experienced Distribution Level A and Distribution Level B engineers who are able to carry out isolation & earthing and switching activities on the full range of AC and DC switchgear in service on the Network Rail overhead line and DC conductor rail networks. 

Our team of Level A and Level B engineers are able to support our clients in the delivery of their projects by offering services including:

  • DC switchgear rack-outs;
  • Isolation of DC switchgear and Conductor Rail Equipment including issue of Certificate of Isolation;
  • Isolation of Transformer / Rectifier equipment;
  • Isolating & earthing of feeder cables including issue of HV Permit to Work and Sanction for Test.